Need power for your television? Connect your TV to a switch. Need an item to control the flow of electricity for your air-conditioner? Get a heavy load double pole switch.

Volta is a German-brand that distributes high-quality switches for customers across the region. Volta switches are designed and tested by experienced engineers in the field. Volta has five series: Altima, Bakelite, Plus, Royal, and Super series. Each series have sleek design with plastic to metal materials. It also has variations of switches for customers such as 1 or 2-gang way switch, LAN switch, and many more.

The switches are designed to give the right amount of electricity for each appliance for safety precautions and to avoid short-circuits.

We are determined to provide the highest quality of switches for homes, offices, and other settings. Our products are tested with certifications from different testing centers such as TUV, ISO 9001, etc.

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